Need to Fix/Repair your Lashes?!!
Don't Worry! New customers who currently wear eyelash extensions done by other
salons are welcome! You don't have to purchase Demi or Full Set. We can fix/repair
 your current set first, so you can continue  a Touch up at our studio!

Tell Us Why do you need to Fix/Repair your Eyelash

I need to fix/repair my eyelash extensions done by other stylist, because...

1. My eyelash extensions are way too long!

2. My eyelash extensions are too heavy, too many extensions!

3. I feel very uncomfortable with my eyelash extensions, my eyes are
tearing, I feel itchy over my swollen eyelids, I feel my own eyelashes are
pulling,  I can't even sleep good at night anymore.... Am I having a
reaction or what?
If you think you are experiencing an allergy reaction from the glue, please
contact  your original stylist immediately and remove the set as soon as

4. I see a lots of messy glue over my eyelashes!

5. My eyelash extensions looks just horribles and wonky!

6. I see several eyelash extensions are jammed together by glue!

If you are experiencing something like above done by other salons,
you need to fix/repair your eyelash extensions before causing permanent damage!
Don't Wait and just Give Us a Call.   917 - 476 - 1919
courtesy of Xtreme Lashes TM
Price for Fix/Repair:
$75~$125 or up.

Price for Removal: