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The art of eyelash extensions originated in Korea around the early 90's and became very popular in
Japan. This beauty breakthrough was finally arrived in the USA not so long ago.
Eyelash Extensions are like a
"Sleeping Beauty" process" and most of our customers feel so
relaxing and fall asleep while synthetic lashes are applied to each single natural eyelash using a
special glue which is the same substance as medical wound closure glue.

Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent and a single extension attaches to each single
natural eyelash. Full Set may take about 2 hours. Touch up takes about 45mins-1.5hrs.

This eyelash enhancement technique should be less stress to your own eyelashes if you don't
exaggerate too much of the length or the diameters. If your own natural lashes tend to become a little
thinner or slow growing especially during the winter or in seasonal-allergy seasons, we suggest to
keep the diameter of the eyelash extensions thin, like 0.10mm,
our thin diameter ones are almost
faux mink quality

Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little each week.
Touch-up is recommended every 2 to 4
weeks (average: every 3 weeks) to keep a full look.
Most of customers will still have 50~70% of
eyelash extensions from the previous appointment when returned after 3 weeks, but the intact of the
eyelash extensions  will be vary depending on your after cares and the shedding cycle of your own
natural lashes.

Long Lasting Tips:
Avoid wetting the entire eye area at least 48 hours after the application to prolong the glue
bond. Also, avoid using any oily skin care products,
including oily face cleanser and
makeup remover.
Try not to touch or rub your eyelashes and use face cleansing wipes to clean your

After 48 hours, you must keep your eyelids and eyelashes clean using
Xtreme Lashes
Eye-makeup Remover
for a best care. If your eyelash follicles are clogged by poor hygiene, your
own eyelashes will start falling out much quicker.

Eyeliner and Mascara are not recommended once eyelash extensions are applied, but,  in case you
need them for the a special occasion,
Xtreme Lashes Eyeliner and Mascara are eyelash
extensions safe and highly recommended.

How do you sleep at night? Face up? Face side? Face down? If your eyelash extensions
constantly keep touching pillow while sleeping, this may cause extensions to fall our much faster.

We suggest every Bride-tobe to come for
the trial set first at least 4 ~3 weeks before the wedding,
then come again for the complete set after a facial and a couple of days before the wedding. The
reason for the trial set is, you should take this as an allergy test, because, even with the most safe
and high quality brand in the industry, like Xtreme Lashes, some people who have very sensitive

eyes or allergy problems would react to the eyelash extensions glue, of which main ingredient is
cyanoacrelate. The common symptom is red, puffiness and itchy over the eyelid within 24-48
hrs, and in this case, you should call stylist immediately for the
removal. However, the allergy case is
very rare and majority people have no problem, but this should openly be informed to all customers.

Eyelash Extensions are suitable for swimming, traveling and weddings. And it's practical for busy
women, working moms and....even for lazy girls,too! Don't let only celebs keep this precious thing as
a secret!

Enjoy your butterfly kiss!
"New York City's
Best-Kept Secrets
for Eyelash Extensions"
We are the Chief Editor's Pick of
Audrey Magazine!
What is  Eyelash Extensions?
Make sure you have your touch-up booked!
Otherwise you may loose your chance due to a very tight schedule. Most customers will
return for a refill within 3~4 weeks. If you prefer a maintenance regularly, we recommend to
pre-book a few touch up appointments ahead.  
Secure your spot by Online Booking!
Currently Yuki DelliPaoli is the only one stylist available at butterfly kiss and has a very tight
schedule. During eyelash extensions application, it's hard to take calls, but you can book an
appointment online in anytime from anywhere 24/7.  In case you need to contact the stylist  
directly, send SMS/Text message from your cellphone, this gives the stylist a chance to read
your messages quickly and reply by SMS/Text as well. If you leave a voice mail message,
please let us know if we can reply by SMS/Text. (917-476-1919    24HRS)
Need to Fix/Repair your Lashes?!!
Don't Worry! New customers who currently wear eyelash extensions done by other salons
are welcome! You don't have to purchase Demi or Full Set. We can fix/repair your current set
first, so you can continue a Touch up at our studio!

Tell Us Why do you need to Fix/Repair your Eyelash Extensions!
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We keep a record of your eyelash style on
each appointment.
The lengths/diameter/curveture of your extensions, How many extensions you have at the
end of the application and how many extensions remained when you come back for a touch
up, etc.....we keep every detailed record of your eyelash extensions to give more suitable
eyelash designing service of yours only!
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