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Eyelash Extensions Price List
<Multiple Eyelash Extensions>
New!!! Russian Volume: +$25 to any set
The amazing volume technique has arrived from Russia to apply
multiple 3~6 eyelash extensions hair on each natural lash
using the feather light soft hair to create the most  fabulous dense look.

<Single Eyelash Extensions>
One eyelash extensions hair will be applied to each natural lashes.

Eyelash Diva's Full Set:(Great for the special occasion!)
How about the perfect set for a little black dress!
90:90lashes                        $300

Transformer Full Set:(Great for the special occasion!)
Feel the power of the long dense luscious lashes...
80:80lashes                        $280

Glamour Full Set:(The Most Popular Set!)
Say good-by to mascara.....
70:70lashes                        $260

Casting Call Full Set:(the Must-Have of the District. A-list!)
Apply extensions as many as possible for your very important events and occasions.  
100:100 or more lashes   $400

Flaunt! Demi (lighter) Set:
60/60lashes                        $240

Blink! Demi (lighter) Set:
50/50lashes                        $200

Trial Set:
Especially recommended if it's your first time ever to try eyelash extensions. Also highly
recommended to the Bride-tobe. Try to come 4 weeks before the wedding day for the trial
set,  then come back for the full set a couple of days before your big day!
25/25lashes                  $125

Touch-up within 4 weeks:
Minimum $75 ~ Max $150 (for repeating client: min $75~max $125)
Eyelash extensions will fall out little by little every week. To keep a full look, touch-up will be
recommend every 2~4weeks (average: every 3 weeks).
If returned after 4-5 weeks, the price will be $10~$20 more.

Time for a fresh new Full Set:
if returned after 6 weeks, it's most likely the time for another fresh new full set.

Removal of  Lash Extension:     $25
Thank you very much for your cooperation.
Being Late, Last Minute Cancellations, No Show:
If you are Late.....
Please let us know ASAP if you are running  late. If you are still coming to your appointment, upon your
arrival until next client's appointment time, we will try our best to apply extensions as much as possible
.However we are not able to extend your application hours. (Demi-Full Set needs 1.5-2 hrs, Touch up
needs 1-1.5 hrs)

If No Show or Last Minute Cancellations....
To cancel or re-scheduling, please notify within 48 hours prior  (2 days before) to your
appointment time by SMS or Call only
(no email or no leaving comment on online booking),
cancellation fee of $50 will be charged.

If you do not show up (No Show) or have frequent last minute cancellations, please forgive us if we are
not able to book you in the future, and in this case, your all pre-booked appointments will be canceled

Reminder and Re-confirming Appointment
Please reply right away to re-confirm when you get sms or call from us about a day before of your

Double Booking
Please avoid to book more than 2 appointments too close each others just to hold those multiple spots
at the same time. This will make the schedule tighter for the rest of the clients and customers.

Touch up Appointment
Book ahead for your next appointment!
We recommend to book for your touch up before you leave our studio, otherwise you may loose your
chance due to very tight booking. Most customers will return for a refill within 3~4 weeks. If you prefer
maintenance regularly, try to pre-book a few touch up appointments ahead to secure your spot!

Switching appointments
We are not able to ask other customers to switch appointment for you.

Wait List
If you wish to go on the wait list, please always send your information via SMS/texting to the stylist
directly to 917-476-1919. (If sent by verbal, email pr voicemail will be less chance to be called at first.)

Please come with No Mascara, No Eyeliner, No using makeup remover prior  to
appointment, etc....:
Please come to your appointment with No Mascara, No Eyeliner, No Heavy Makeup.
If you ware Contact Lens, please bring your own case to take them off during the application.  
Also, please
do not to use any Oily Product on your eyelashes prior to your appointment.

Sensitive to Acrylic Adhesive:
If you have an allergic reaction to acrylic nails or any other acrylic glue applications,  please inform us
before your appointment
, because, you may also get an allergic reaction to general eyelash extensions
glue, which mostly contains cyano-acrelate. (general eyelash extensions glues are acrylic based glue)
If your eyes itch too much, tears a lot or eyelids get swollen within 24-48 hrs after the application, you
need to remove eyelash extensions immediately. In this case, please do not wait and contact us
immediately 24/7 anytime at 917-476-1919 to book removal appointment and We highly suggests to
visit your eye doctor right away.

First time Set of Eyelash Extensions for your important event:
If you have never done eyelash extensions before and you will have them as your first time for the
important event, we highly suggest you to come for
the trial set first at least 4 ~3 weeks before the
event, then come again for the complete set before the event.  Allergy reaction cases to eyelash
extensions glue is very rare, but you sure don't want any puffy eyelids on your important day, so
please come for the trial set first, just to be safe.

Waiver & Release Form
Due to Xtreme Lashes policy, we must ask every customer who gets eyelash extensions application to
fill out and sign on the waiver & release form before the session starts.

During the lash application:
Cellphone ringer
Please turn off the cellphone ringer.

When necessary to talk during the lash application, the application must be stopped. Because
the movement of facial muscle may interrupt the procedure.

On the lash application bed
Once the application starts, you need to keep your eyes closed, lay flat and be still until the application
is over. Therefore, if you have a back pain problems, you may feel a little uncomfortable.

Avoid wetting lashes at least 48 hrs after the lash application.
We highly suggest not to wet lashes about 48 hrs after the application to prolong the glue bond. Face
wipe (no rinse type) is the best to clean face during first 48 hrs.

We accept cash and most major credit cards.
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After Trial Set

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Russian Volume
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